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Memories & Sew Much More offers two types of t-shirt quilts: 1) a structured design, where the t-shirts are all cut to the same size with fabric strips between the t-shirts; 2) a freeform design, where the t-shirts are cut to different sizes, depending on the t-shirt design.
Structured T-Shirt Pricing: All the shirts are cut down to the same size, the shirts are placed in a grid pattern with sashing between the blocks. The t-shirts are cut down to 14” squares and 2” sashing is sewn between the blocks, a 6″ border completes the quilt. We will do our best to include as much of the design as possible in shirts that are larger than 14”.

9 shirts (3 x 3), Wall Hanging, approx. 58” x 58” $250
12 shirts (3 x 4), Lap, approx. 58” x 74” $350
16 shirts (4 x 4), Stadium, approx. 74” x 74” $390
20 shirts (4 x 5), Twin, approx. 74” x 90” $445
24 shirts (4 x 6), Dorm Twin, approx. 74” x 106” $500
25 shirts (5 x 5), Full, approx. 90” x 90” $600
30 shirts (5 x 6), Queen, approx. 90” x 106” $700
36 shirts (6 x 6), King, approx. 106” x 106” $800

Freeform T-Shirt Pricing: Shirts are cut to various sizes, based on their design and placement with the rest of the t-shirts. There is no sashing, but strips of material may be used to square the quilt top, a 6” border completes the quilt. The final size of the quilt depends on the size of the logos on the t-shirts, sizing will be provided during the design process. Please visit our website at www.memoriesandsewmuchmore/photo-gallery/T-Shirts_Quilts/ to see examples of our t-shirt quilts with number of t-shirts and final size of quilt.

10 or less t-shirt logos $250 + cost of treatment
11-20 t-shirt logos $375 + cost of treatment
21-30 t-shirt logos $450 + cost of treatment
31-40 t-shirt logos $640 + cost of treatment
41-50 t-shirt logos $750 + cost of treatment
51-60 t-shirt logos $900 + cost of treatment
61+ t-shirt logos Call
Cost of Treatment (Freeform T-Shirt Quilts Only): T-shirts must be cut apart and treated before they can be included in a quilt. The cost of treatment depends on the number of t-shirt to be incorporated into the quilt.

Each t-shirt logo (front & back count as 2 shirts) $5
Sleeves and pockets $7

For example: the cost to treat 20 shirts is $100 and the cost to treat 50 shirts is $250. Therefore, if you have 30 shirts the cost of a freeform quilt will be $450 + $150 (cost of treatment) = $600. The same number of shirts in a structured quilt would be $700 + 150 (cost of treatment) = $850. The structured quilt will be much larger than a freeform quilt, with the same number of shirts.